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Synevo Central Lab is a separate and specialized unit of Synevo Laboratories dedicated exclusively to supporting clinical trials. 

Synevo Laboratories is a part of Medicover Group providing a complete range of diagnostic laboratory services to both members and other providers. Synevo offers services in Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia and Germany. Synevo Laboratories performs more than 30 million tests annually in their 39 laboratories. 

Synevo           Synevo Lab Bucharest
Synevo Lab Facility in Bucharest, Romania

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Medicover is the leading private healthcare organization in Central and Eastern Europe. Medicover serves 6,000+ companies and 400,000+ people in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Ukraine and Estonia. As the region's largest sector employer of medical professionals, Medicover employs more than 3,000 medical staff.

Medicover Logo           Medicover Hospital
Medicover Hospital in Warsaw, Poland

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